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You want to use uDMX-Interface with your own software and use uDMX.dll for that ?

Therefore uDMX.dll offers you 5 functions:

bool _stdcall     Configure() ;
bool _stdcall     Connected() ;
bool _stdcall     ChannelSet(long Channel, char Value) ;
bool _stdcall     ChannelsSet(long ChannelCnt, long Channel, char* Value) ;
bool _stdcall     Info() ;



calls the setup-dialog. This should be implemented to make it possible to change several parameters. To read about the parameters see uDMX-driver


the return-value gives the information, whether the uDMX-interface is connected or not.

ChannelSet(long Channel, char Value) ;

sets the channel "Channel" to the value "Value". Channel with values from 1 to 512, Values from 0 to 255.

ChannelsSet(long ChannelCnt, long Channel, char* Value) ;

sets the number of channels "ChannelCnt" beginning with channel "Channel" to the values of the pointer "Value".


shows a few infos concerning the DLL.


a little example written in Visual-Basic can be downloaded here.