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uDMX-firmware still developes the firmware for uDMX. As i got a problem with Laserworld EL200RGY and i needed a fast solution, i wrote my own firmware version:

uDMX firmware 1.4

This firmware (uDMX.hex) makes it possible to change several parameters for timing - like Break, Mark, Gab - . To understand timing of DMX have a look at the article by SoundLight. I used the Patch by Malte as basis of my changes. According to several bulletin boards there are problems with Eurolite TS-5 and other devices as well. Those problems are hopefully solved. Just as hint: It is a maloperation of those devices. This maloperation can be solved by changing the timing.

Working values for the Laserworld EL200RGY: Break:88, Mark:8, IBGap:20.

uDMX Driver

Use the current driver to make it possible to change parameters.